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Your famous scientists don’t agree with my favorite scientists. Guess who’s wrong? April 22, 2010

Posted by Bill Belew in creation, science.
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How tiresome!

Your scientist doesn’t agree with my scientist, so yours must be wrong. You, yours, mine…pick your pronoun. It doesn’t really matter.

Every time a scientist with a creationist worldview (BUT, IT’S NOT SCIENCE!!! ) puts out the word on what they have learned, discovered, researched, concluded, a scientist with an evolution/atheist worldview (point, an atheistic worldview is not science either) puts out a rebuttal  or vice versa.

In other words, two well studied groups with very different starting points are going to end up reaching different conclusions. No surprise there.

One MUST explain how we have the world sans a Creator and the other CAN explain it because there is a Creator. And both INSIST their science supports their claim. Surprise! Their (both) science supports their claim.

But are both right?

No, both can’t be right.

The solution – choose your starting point, and no why you are there. And forget about trying to change the other’s mind until they are willing to sacrifice their starting point.

I am firmly in the Creation camp (no surprise there) and I am not about to be moved for indeed I have science on my side, too.

Which camp are you in? And do you know why?



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