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“Lucy and Other Ape-man stories” November 22, 2010

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WHO:          Dr. Vern Nellis
WHEN:       December 16, 2010 from 7:30 – 9:30 PM
WHAT:       “Lucy and Other Ape-man stories”
WHERE:     Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 2350 Leigh Avenue, San Jose
CONTACT: 408 420-3871

Come hear an empowering presentation using Powerpoint slides and a variety of bones, including a real human skeleton that will aid in defending against ape-men and other evolutionary dogma.  Learn why Lucy was an ape, not ape-man.

Bring friends who need to know how to defend their faith, as well as those who think that evolution is supported by true science.

Dr. Vernon W. Nellis, who holds degrees in both science and theology, has been active with Calvary Chapel Mountain View for about a decade, with jail and  convalescent and retirement home ministries for about 4 decades, and has conducted seminars on various Creation vs evolution topics.

None of this truly matters unless we surrender to Jesus Christ. Attendees will be given an opportunity (challenged) to do so.



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