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Past Events

Creation Ministry International’s Dr. Jonathan Sarfati in Bay Area of San Jose

July 15, BCASV Monthly Meeting

June 17, BCASV Monthly Meeting! Dr. Ting Wang, “The Perspicuity of Genesis”.

Biblical Creation Course starts June 6, 2010! 4-weeks fun program for all ages, presented by Elly Varbanets.

June 5, Dr. John Hartnet speaking at First OPC, Sunnyvale CA. (Check “Events in CA”)  First Orthodox Presbyterian Church is the sponsor, but BCASV endorses and will promote this event.

May 20, BCASV Monthly Meeting! “Dismantling the Framework Hypothesis”, Pastor Dave Bush.  

Scott Gillis, Creation vs Evolution and the Bible Seminar



1. siliconvalleycreation - April 1, 2010

That was an awesome event, I am so glad I went!

2. John May - August 27, 2010

It seems the old-age believers are concerned about the appearance of great age in the cosmos and the conventional philosophical approach to science of materialistic naturalism. After attending Dr. Hartnet’s lecture and watching Dr. Jason Lisle’s video on time dilation, the concept of “local’ time for earth in contrast to “universal time” for the cosmos puts the matter into a good perspective as to how God could spread the heavens out like a curtain and in so doing create matter and accellerate time in the process. It is an “out of the box” approach, but so was General Relativity.

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