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What Calvin said about Creation, Part I April 15, 2010

Posted by Dave Landis in Christian, creation.
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Over the next several days, there will be some posts about what some famous and influential Christians said about creation.  Since I’m a Reformed Christian, I will kick off with several Reformed scholars.  Today, I begin with John Calvin.  Calvin was a prolific writer.  He wrote a systematic theology; The Institutes of the Christian Religion,  a number of commentaries from books of the Bible, and his sermons were widely published.  That he had a tremendous influence upon Presbyterianism and other Reformed Churches cannot be understated.  What did Calvin say about Genesis 1?   Here are some excerpts of his views:

For it is not without significance that he divided the making of the universe into six days [Gen 1:31], even though it would have been no more difficult for him to have completed it in one moment the whole work together in all its details than to arrive at its completion by a progression of all this sort. Institutes of the Christian Religion, J.T. McNeill, editor, Vol I,p. 182.  From this we see that Calvin would not fall into the Day-Age or theistic evolution camps.  He was a young earth creationist.

They will not refrain from guffaws when they are informed that but little more than five thousand years have passed since the creation of the universe. Ibid., vol 2, p. 925.   Today, there are  plenty of guffaws concerning Calvin’s view of the age of the earth.

More on Calvin tomorrow.