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Fish-eating-a-fish fossil. Photoshopped? April 18, 2010

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I had never seen this fossil before. I still haven’t. But I saw a picture of it last month in a presentation and decided to look it up.

No doubt folks all over will say it was photoshopped, rigged in some way, anything but what it is – evidence of sudden and immediate death of the fish doing the eating and the other fish who was no doubt trying to stay alive. Good luck with that exercise in futility, eh?

How is this fossil to be explained? I mean, the fish eating side of the equation must have kept his/her mouth open for a long long time. And the being eaten side had to stay in place, too. Or is there a more reasonable explanation?

And while we’re at it, why are there marine fossils found up on top of mountains?

Oh, and another question. You have heard it said that there is not enough water for a world-wide flood. I learned that if all the mountains fell into the sea and the below sea-level valleys were filled in, there would be enough water to cover the entire planet to 2.7 km high. Hmm…sounds to me like there was enough water for a world-wide flood, no?

And we have forensic evidence of such an event to boot?